Symposium Program

Last updated: Mar. 22, 2021: The time of the morning/evening Poster Viewing sessions has been corrected for (making consistent with the presenter’s available time on Remo in the Google spreadsheet.)

Date and time are shown in Japan Time Zone (JST = UT+9h).

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Day 122-Mar
Session IInstrumentation, technique, theory
Chair: B.-G. Andersson
10:0010:15SOC/LOC chairsOpening remarks
10:1510:35C-1-01Jan Tauber🎥 Planck Polarized Data and the Planck Legacy Archive
10:3511:15I-1-01Laura FisselSubmillimeter Polarimetry and
Next-generation Instrumentation
11:1511:35Break (20 min)
Chair: Antonio Mario Magalhaes
11:3511:55C-1-02Konstantinos Tassis🎥 PASIPHAE: Elucidating Stubborn CMB Polarization Foregrounds with Stellar Optopolarimetry
11:5512:35I-1-02Valentina VaccaExtragalactic Magnetic Fields from Polarimetric Radio Observations: Present & Future
Poster Viewing 1-1 (65 min)
Chair: Motohide Tamura
13:4014:20I-1-03Hans-Martin SchmidNear-IR and Visual High Angular Resolution Polarimetry with AO Systems
14:2014:40C-1-03Frans SnikA Polarimetric Upgrade for the 2.6-m VLT Survey Telescope
14:4015:00C-1-04Maksim GabdeevNew Multi-Mode Photometer Polarimeter of
SAO RAS. Its Application for Searching Polar
15:0015:20C-1-05Hiromitsu TakahashiXL-Calibur, the Next-generation Balloon-borne Hard X-ray Polarimeter
15:2015:40Break (20 min)
15:4016:00C-1-06Denis Bernard🎥 Polarimetry of Gamma Rays Converting to e+e- Pairs: Performance of Silicon Strip Detectors-based Telescopes
16:0016:20C-1-07Nicolas De Angelis & Johannes HulsmanPOLAR-2: Development of a Large Scale Gamma-ray Polarimeter
16:2016:40Break (20 min)
Chair: Masafumi Matsumura
16:4017:20I-1-04Thiem HoangGrain Alignment Mechanisms: Current Status and Perspectives
17:2017:40C-1-08Valentin LE GOUELLECConstraining the Dust Grain Alignment
Mechanism(s) Responsible for the (Sub-)millimeter Dust Polarization Observed in Class 0 Protostellar Cores
17:4018:00C-1-09Alex LazarianSynergy of Polarization and Gradients as a New Way to Explore magnetic fields
18:0018:20C-1-10Boy LankhaarPORTAL: Polarized Line Radiative Transfer in Three Dimensions
Probing Cosmic Magnetic Fields Using Molecules
18:2018:40Poster flash talk Session I
20:3021:30Poster Viewing 1-2 (60 min)
Day 223-Mar
6:307:30Poster Viewing 2-1 (60 min)
Session IISolar system, exoplanets, disks
Chair: Masateru Ishiguro
9:3010:10I-2-01Irina Belskaya🎥 Optical Polarimetry of Asteroids
10:1010:30C-2-01Rob van Holstein🎥 First Polarimetric Detections of Unresolved Disks around Young, Directly Imaged Substellar Companions with SPHERE-IRDIS
10:3010:50Break (20 min)
10:5011:10C-2-02Jun TakahashiLunar Earthshine Polarimetry in Near-Infrared: Signature of Ocean Glint
11:1011:30C-2-03Dora Klindžić🎥 Observing the Earth as an Exoplanet with LOUPE
11:3011:50C-2-04Joten OkamotoUV Spectro-Polarimetry in the Solar Atmosphere -- Results from Two Sounding Rocket Experiments CLASP1 and CLASP2
11:5011:55Poster flash talk Session II
Poster Viewing 2-2 (65 min)
Session III Interstellar matter, star forming region
Chair: Hiroko Shinnaga
13:0013:40I-3-01Shuichiro InutsukaThe Role of Magnetic Field in the Bubble-filament Paradigm of Star Formation
13:4014:00C-3-01Tetsuo HasegawaThe JCMT BISTRO Survey: The Magnetic Field Structures in Dense Molecular Clouds revealed
14:0014:20C-3-02Yasuo DoiMultiscale Magnetic Field Structure in and around the Perseus molecular cloud
14:2014:40Break (20 min)
14:4015:20I-3-02Kohji TomisakaPolarimetry Observational Visualization: Molecular Outflow and Filaments
15:2015:40C-3-03Jia-Wei WangFormation of the Hub-Filament System G33.92+0.11: Local Interplay between Gravity, Velocity, and Magnetic Field
15:4016:00C-3-04Doris ArzoumanianThe Complex But Organized Magnetic Fields Of The NGC6334 Star-Forming Filament
16:0016:20Break (20 min)
Chair: Francois Menard
16:2017:00I-3-03Francois Levrier🎥 Magnetic Fields in the Diffuse Medium as Inferred from Planck Observations
17:0017:20C-3-05Vibor JelicMulti-wavelength Analysis of Radio-polarimetric Data at Low Radio Frequencies
17:2018:00I-3-04Georgia PanopoulouObservations of Magnetic Fields in the ISM
18:0018:20C-3-06Lapo FanciulloStudying Dust Properties, Grain Alignment And Magnetic Field Structure With Multi-Wavelength Submillimeter Polarization
18:2018:25Conference Picture 1
(Business session)
20:3021:30Poster Viewing 2-3 (60 min)
Day 324-Mar
6:307:30Poster Viewing 3-1 (60 min)
9:259:30Conference Picture 2
Session III Interstellar matter, star forming region cont'd
Chair: Thushara Pillai
9:3010:10I-3-07Anaelle MauryInvestigating the Roles of Magnetic Field during the Star and Disk Formation Process with Polarized Dust Emission
10:1010:30C-3-07Qizhou ZhangMagnetic Fields in Dense Cores Associated with protostellar Clusters
10:3011:10I-3-08Gabriel FrancoDust Polarization: from Molecular Clouds to Circumstellar Disks
11:1011:30Break (20 min)
11:3011:50C-3-08Ryo KandoriNear Infrared Polarimetry of Molecular Cloud Cores with SIRPOL
11:5012:10C-3-09Hauyu Baobab LiuMagnetically Regulated Disk-formation in the Inner 100 AU Region of the Class 0 Young Stellar Object OMC-3/MMS 6 Resolved by JVLA and ALMA
12:1012:30C-3-10Tomoya HirotaPolarization of SiO Lines in Orion Source I
12:3012:50C-3-11Daria Dall'Olio🎥 Polarization Properties of Methanol Masers
Session VISpecial Communication
12:5013:00C-6-1Antonio Mario MagalhãesAn IAU Newsletter for the Photometry and Polarimetry Community
12:5013:10Poster flash talk Session III
Poster Viewing 3-2 (60 min)
20:3021:30Poster Viewing 3-3 (60 min)
Day 425-Mar
6:307:30Poster Viewing 4-1 (60 min)
Session IVStars, circumstellar matter, winds, jets
Chair: Jennifer L. Hoffman
9:3010:10I-4-01Manisha Shrestha🎥 Polarimetry to Unveil Physics of Stellar Wind and Local Interstellar Medium
10:1010:30C-4-01Laurence Sabin🎥 Polarization Analysis of Evolved Intermediate Mass Stars
10:3010:50C-4-02Lucero UscangaPolarization Observations in Maser-emitting Planetary Nebulae
10:5011:10Break (20 min)
Chair: Claudia V. Rodrigues
11:1011:30C-4-03Hiroko ShinnagaDynamic Mass Outflow and Circumstellar Magnetic Field of A Red Supergiant
11:3011:50C-4-04Heloise F. Stevance25 Years of Type IIb Supernova Spectropolarimetry:New Insights On SN 1993J
Poster Viewing 4-2 (70 min)
Chair: Masafumi Matsumura
13:0013:20C-4-05Sei Saito🎥 Optical Spectropolarimetry of Superluminous Supernova to Probe the Geometry
13:2013:40C-4-06Jiro ShimodaH-alpha Polarimetry in Supernova Remnants as a Unique Diagnostics of Cosmic-ray Modified Shocks
13:4014:20I-4-02Stefano Bagnulo🎥 Five Decades
of Spectropolarimetry of White Dwarfs:
from the Earliest Discoveries to the Modern Volume-Limited Surveys
14:2014:40C-4-07Louis Du PlessisPhase-resolved Polarimetric Constraints on the White Dwarf Pulsar in AR Sco
14:4014:50Poster flash talk Session IV
14:5015:10Break (20 min)
Session VExtragalactic polarimetry, galaxies, CMB
Chair: Stephen Potter
15:1015:50I-5-01Enrique Lopez RodriguezTracing the Magnetic Fields of Nearby Galaxies Using Far-Infrared Polarimetry
15:5016:10C-5-01Rei EnokiyaStar Forming Activities Induced by Strong Global Magnetic Fields in the Galactic Center
16:1016:20Break (10 min)
Chair: Francois Menard
16:2016:40C-5-02Dana AlinaPolarisation of the Magellanic Clouds with the
Planck telescope data
16:4017:00C-5-03Alejandro S. BorlaffThe Multi-phase Spiral Magnetic Field of M51
17:0017:20C-5-04Kohei KuraharaLarge-scale Magnetic Vector Structure of the Nearby Galaxies Probed by Synchrotron Polarization
17:2017:40Poster flash talk Session V
20:3021:30Poster Viewing 4-3 (60 min)
Day 526-Mar
6:307:30Poster Viewing 5-1
Session VExtragalactic polarimetry, galaxies, CMB
Chair: B-G Andersson
9:309:50C-5-05Jordan Guerra A.Magnetic Field of the Galaxy M82
9:5010:10C-5-06Annie HughesThe Magnetic Field at the Heart of Starburst Galaxy NGC253
10:1010:30C-5-07Lucas GrossetMagnetic Field in the Central Region of the Circinus Galaxy with SOFIA/HAWC+
10:3010:50Break (20 min)
Chair: Antonio Mario Magalhaes
10:5011:10C-5-08Santiago Gonzalez-GaitanExtended Optical Polarimetry of the Circinus Galaxy
11:1011:30C-5-09Đorđe Vladimir SavićRadiative Transfer Modeling of VLT/FORS2 Polarimetric Imaging of AGN in Circinus Galaxy
Poster Viewing 5-2 (60 min)
Chair: Koji Kawabata
12:3013:10I-5-02Kenji TomaPolarimetric Studies of GRBs, AGN Jets, and Axion Dark Matter
13:1013:30C-5-10Takuya AkahoriLinearly-Polarized Fast Radio Burst: Challenge to Discover the Magnetized Cosmic Web
13:3013:50C-5-11Makoto UemuraFinding Features in Erratic Polarization Variations of Blazars
13:5014:10C-5-12Yunguo Jiang🎥 Correlations between Polarization and Optical Fluxes for Several Blazar Objects
14:1014:30Break (20 min)
Chair: Stephen Potter
14:3015:10I-5-03Jonathan AumontChallenges of the Measurement of Primordial CMB B-modes
15:1015:30C-5-13Yutaro SekimotoLiteBIRD Satellite: Polarimetry of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)
15:3015:50Break (20 min)
15:5016:10Poster / Presentation Award
16:1016:30Closing Remarks
16:3016:50Next Astropol Discussion
20:3021:30Poster Viewing 5-3