If you participate in Astropol2020 conference either online or onsite, please complete your registration.

Late Registration is now going on!

Please register at the following external web site:

  Astropol2020 Registration site

If you are planning to make a presentation, please complete the submission of your abstract here as well before the deadline of late registration (2021 Feb 15th).
If you are considering to attend the conference onsite, please complete the payment of the optional fees at the registration web site between early February and mid-March in 2021. We will fix and circulate the guideline of the onsite participation in mid February in 2021.

See details in Important Dates page.


  • Early registration fee is 4,000 JP Yen (3,000 JPY for students).
  • Late registration fee is 5,000 JP Yen (4,000 JPY for students).

Note: The registration fee includes the rights for viewing the video and electric files of the presentations during the conference period and for posting the proceeding of the presentation and viewing the online .

  • Hard-back proceeding book is 11,000 JP Yen (optional).

For the onsite attendees, following fees will be charged (optionally). The details has not been fixed. Please wait for the guideline which will be open in mid February in 2021.

  • Onsite attendance fee: ~5,000 JP Yen.
  • Printed abstract book: ~2,500 JP Yen (optional).
  • Conference bag: ~1,500 JP Yen (optional)
  • Excursion (TBD)
  • Conference dinner (TBD)

For those who need an invitation letter and related documents

First of all, the travels between the foreign countries have been severely restricted by the covid-19 infection. If you consider to visit Japan and attend the conference onsite, please investigate the newest condition and rules for the entry to Japan from your resident country by yourself.

Then, if you need the documents for application of your visa for entry to Japan, please add and purchase a ticket of “Documents for VISA” at the registration web site. For details on the application of visa for entry to Japan, please follow the web site of Ministry of Foreign Affair of Japan:

For attendee who apply to travel grants (closed)

Everyone can apply for IAU travel grant for IAUS 360. Details on how to apply can be found in the Travel Grant page.

In addition, any student or (young) astronomer can apply for another grant sponsored by NAOJ and Hiroshima Univ. This grant covers only the travel expenses within Japan (i.e., accommodation fee and/or public transportation costs within Japan). Details on how to apply can be found in the Travel Grant page

Cancellation policy

  • For the fees of the registration and the hard-back proceeding book (and the documents for visa as far as it has not been issued), cancellation within 50 days after the payment: 100% refund; however, cancellation after 2021 February 15 will NOT be refunded.
  • For the additional fees charged for the onsite attendee that will be payed after 2021 February, cancellation before 2021 March 14 will be 100% refunded; however, cancellation after 2021 March 15 will NOT be refunded.