Submit Abstract

There are two types of presentations. Please refer this page for types of presentations.

Note: Proposal of “oral presentation” is acceptable for those who has finished both of registration and submitting abstract during the Early Registration (closed).

Please (1) submit the outlines of your abstract at the following external site by December 10th for participants who want to give oral presentation or to complete the early registration, or by February 15th, 2021 for others, and then (2) prepare the abstract of your presentation using the LaTeX form and submit at the above site it by February 15h, 2021.

1. Submit outline of your abstract

  • Please visit the above external page and do `Make Submission’ of the basic information on the presentation (title, authors and their affiliations, topic area, brief abstract, keywords) in the form

2a. Preparing your abstract

  1. Download LaTeX format files: or astropol2020abstract.tgz
  2. Edit the LaTeX file
    • Within one page, less than one figure box required.
  3. Check compilation is successfully done.
  4. You create an archive file that contains all necessary files (a latex file; figure files required to compile your abstract properly; pdf file of your abstract). Following formats are allowed; – .zip – .tar.gz, – .tar, and -.tgz.
  5. You will upload the archive file that you just created.

2b. Upload your abstract

  1. Please do `Upload File’ for your abstract as a single file (in the form of *.gzip, *.zip, or *tar.gz, which should include the LaTex source, the compiled pdf file, and also the figure eps files, if any).

3. Finish registration

To confirm your proposal of presentation, you have to finish registration (payment for the attendant fee at the registration site to be opened ) as well. Abstract submission without registration is not valid.