Best Poster Award and Best Presentation Award

IAU Symposium 360 Astropol2020 poster/presentation award is to honor and encourage graduate students and early-career researchers (who obtained Ph.D. within 10yrs) whose poster/presentation shows a high level of excellence and distinction in academic achievement. Following the privacy policy that we set for the IAU Symposium 360, the Science Organizing Committee (SOC) decided to select the awardees from the list that the presenters nominated themselves. (The SOC noticed that there are quite a few excellent presentations from young researchers who are likely eligible for the award but did not nominate themselves this time. )

On the last day of the science sessions (March 26th of 2021), the SOC announced the following two best poster presentations and three best presentations.

Best Poster Award

P-3-17 Understanding Polarized Dust Emission From ρ Ophiuchi A in Light of Grain Alignment and Disruption by Radiative Torques
Le Ngoc Tram, SOFIA Science Center, NASA Ames Research Center

P-4-07 Fast-Follow Up Polarimetry From the Highly Magnetized Jet of GRB 190114C
Núria Jordana-Mitjans University of Bath

Best Presentation Award

C-1-08 Constraining the Dust Grain Alignment Mechanism(s) Responsible for the (Sub-)millimeter Dust Polarization Observed in Class 0 Protostellar Cores

Valentin Le Gouellec, European Southern Observatory

C-2-02 Lunar Earthshine Polarimetry in Near-Infrared: Signature of Ocean Glint

Jun Takahashi, University of Hyogo

C-3-11 Polarization Properties of Methanol Masers

Daria Dall’Olio, Chalmers University of Technology – Onsala Space Observatory